Living from the Soul: How to Develop Spiritual Qualities

In this 60-minute session, you’ll experience inspiration and techniques to help you connect with your own higher self—and bring forward  your best qualities. This session is suitable for anyone regardless of their experience with meditation.

How will you benefit from this class? Develop your ability to recognize your spiritual heart and tap your innate source of joy, inner strength and well-being.

Noble Learning meditation classes are based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy and suitable for any experience level.

At the end of the session, you’ll receive a Noble Learning Skill Sheet to guide you in practicing the techniques on your own. The handout includes space for  you to add your own notes and create a plan customized to your own needs and goals.


Astika Mason

Astika Mason leads a diverse range of classes as a meditation instructor and long-time student of Sri Chinmoy. His book of short stories A Dream Immortal: Seven Tales from Seven Realms is available now in bookstores (including Noble Learning.)